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How to Handle Stress 

How do you handle stress? This week, you’ll get some help—from the New Testament book of James, written by one of Jesus’ brothers who led the 1st-century church in Jerusalem. Those were stressful times for Christians, and so this pastor from long ago, led by the Holy Spirit, pens three distinctively Christian mindset shifts that can help you navigate stress.

When in Doubt, Pray!

What would God have us do when stress amps up? What is He up to in those times? This week’s message unpacks the distinctly Christlike mind shifts in how to face and push through pressure.

God is our Rock and Foundation!

God is the believer’s Shield. He invites us to experience him as our Shepherd. In today’s message we look at how God invites us to lean on him as a Rock-solid foundation for navigating and surviving life’s challenges.

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