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The Blessing of Belonging: Essentials for Spiritual Fitness

What would you say if asked, “Why do you go to church?” Why bother? It’s a question worth honestly answering, Today we unpack the New Testament vision for the local church: what are the benefits of belonging, and what are we called to devote ourselves to?

Rattled? Here’s Help!

Let’s talk about worry. Everyone does it. But rarely is it productive, healthy, or helpful. This week at yChurch, we go after several assurances Jesus gives his followers that are meant to replace our worries with peace. Jump in and get blessed!

One Word That Changes Everything (John 19:1-30)

The great artist Michelangelo left far more works unfinished than finished. Jesus’ work looks similar at first glance: he dies young and abandoned on the cross. Yet with his dying breath, Jesus voiced a declaration that changes everything. Dive into the rich significance of what it is that Jesus finished on the cross.

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